Long​-​Haired Freak

from Long​-​Haired Freak by Super Distortion



After the folky and summery single Nothing's Free (Except For You And Me), the fuzz-boxes are back on for a paranoid garage rock freak out. “CIA, FBI, T's and C's do not apply. We seek... Long-haired Freak!”


CIA, FBI, T's and C's do not apply
We seek
Long-haired Freak
Voodoo hand, alakazam, red alert
Long-haired Freak

Long-haired Freak

His hypno-fy central eye can spin around and
put you into deep
Deep, deep sleep
Backwards speak, Loser chic, member of the
deviant elite
Long-haired Freak

Long-haired Freak


from Long​-​Haired Freak, released September 2, 2013
Written and produced by Peter Bradley


all rights reserved


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